Environmental Statement

RecycleMARBLEX supports environmental conservation by employing recycling water reclamation systems, energy conservation devices to reduce water usage, eliminating our waste products, and offering products made from remnant and scrap materials. These products include materials used for backslashes, vanities, fireplaces and a variety of other applications.

All remaining pieces are broken up, palatalized and shipped out for sale thru local gardening centers for use as outdoor landscape elements or are made into a Marblex developed product called split face pieces to be used as a unique rustic backslash accent or design. The end result of these daily practices means minimal slab waste dumped in our local landfill.

Most granite slabs that we import are now resinated overseas so the need for chemical maintenance, stain removal & sealer in the long-term has been greatly reduced. We also offer Cambria quartz products made in the U.S., Ice Stone (recycled glass), Vetrazzo Recycled Glass Surfaces and others all using recycling methods for production. In addition, we Schedule Smart, all measurement & installation crews have planned work in the same vicinity each day reducing our overall gas usage & vehicle emissions.