Fabrication Facility

Providence-20110913-00189As a MIA Accredited Stone Fabricator, MARBLEX operates the only OSHA-certified/MIA-inspected facilities in the region. All facilities are customer-friendly, child-safe, state-of-the-art, ADA-compliant, and conveniently located. Our manufacturing and fabrication facilities also employ “green-friendly” practices, including recycling and water reclamation. We employ a state of the art fully digital production facility on the premises using digital Templating Systems and CNC Waterjet Fabrication Machines Marblex’s CAD programmer receives the digital file from their digital templating system, completes the slab layout, sends an electronic file to you the customer to approve, and downloads the project directly to Marblex’s CNC Waterjet. The floor operator positions the stone, scans the bar code, and just pushes a button. It’s that’s simple and efficient, thus reducing our turnaround time and providing you with the perfect and finest stonework in the area! Come to our showroom and check out some of our own amazing granite countertops right here in Fairfax, VA.



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