People are the heart and soul of MARBLEX. We are family owned and value-driven. We are artisans, architects, stone designers, installers, technicians, and engineers. We believe in the enduring beauty of natural stone. Meet our knowledgeable staff of designers, architects and craftsmen:


Cristina Giardina Yilmaz & Meté Yilmaz

Vice President & President of Marblex Design Internationl Inc.

cris and meteMarblex was founded in 1987 by co-founders Meté and Cristina Yilmaz along with their dog Mickie, the company’s mascot. Since 1987, their mission has been threefold: to consistently provide excellence in custom stonework, to foster an organization that always cares for their customers and employees, and to know that the organization’s collective values are the key to their total success. Meté Yilmaz, born in Izmir, Turkey, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Aegean University in Izmir, Turkey, as well as a Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Design from Catholic University in Washington, D.C. Meté has spent over 30 years working with natural stone.

In 1986, Meté was commissioned as a project architect to oversee all of the stonework for the National Museum of Women in the Arts. As an architect and a creative individual by heart, he is always looking for unique and innovative uses for stone. In his own words, “I will take a client’s idea and carve it into stone.” Cristina Giardina Yilmaz, born in Torino, Italy, is a graduate of George Mason University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Prior to starting Marblex, Cristina’s background was in personnel. This accounts for her deep-rooted values and her philosophy, which is to provide the best possible climate for personal development for all of their employees and to constantly develop a spirit of teamwork to attain a common goal.

bio_mickieAs much as both Meté and Cristina truly enjoy the stone industry and their business, they equally enjoy spending time at their summer home in Annapolis, MD where they sail and spend time with their two dogs, their 7-year old Bichon/Poodle mix and their 5-year old Turkish, Westie/Maltese mix.

“Although beloved friend and mascot Mickie is no longer with us, Marblex would like to thank her for 16 years of dedicated service. A day did not go by that she did not greet our clients with unconditional love and joy while always providing companionship and entertainment. She was cherished by all and is truly missed.”


Ozzy Yilmaz

Vice President of Operations

bio_ozzyOzzy has been involved in the dimensional stone industry for over 20 years and is one of the founding members of Marblex. He has extensive experience in all aspects of the stone industry including purchasing, fabrication, design, project management, and installation. His experience has led to numerous awards for a variety of projects. Ozzy holds a BS in Business Management from Southeastern University. In his spare time he enjoys anything to do with sports, working out, playing soccer, and spending time with his family.



Salvatore Giardina,

PR Director

bio_salvatoreMarblex would not be a true family business without co-owner Cristina Giardina Yilmaz’s father Salvatore Giardina. Salvatore was born in Sicily, Italy and came to the U.S. with his family in 1962. A tailor by trade and an actor by heart, Salvatore’s good-natured fun-loving ways have charmed many. He is a true host for Marblex: always gracious, always accommodating, and always with a sense of humor. His native Italian charm has entertained many clients as they have waited on a busy Saturday. He has a passion for acting, art, music, his family, and most of all people! He is a brilliant pianist and also an excellent barista. According to our clients, he serves the best coffee and espresso in Northern Virginia. With his talent for art and his love for the beauty of nature, he often accompanies and assists owners Meté and Cristina Yilmaz in their travels, especially to Italy, in the purchasing of rare and beautiful exotic stones.