Natural Stone Guide



People usually think about countertops when the word “granite” comes to mind. At MARBLEX we think beyond the countertop. We have decades of experience with not just counters, but tile and slab flooring, architectural elements, fireplaces, furniture, shower stalls, as well as many commercial applications.

It is very important when considering a project, to ensure that the right material is used for the application. An inexperienced stone fabricator can easily specify the wrong material or construct a project in the wrong way.

Every stone has specific characteristics. Using the wrong stone in an application can lead to material failure, damage, or other conditions. Knowing which stone to use in an application only comes from years of experience; experience that MARBLEX brings to every project.

To learn more, MARBLEX recommends all users of natural stone read the following publication from the Marble Institute of America, “Beautify Your Home with Natural Stone.”